I'm almost positive I saw the folks that made vmix producing an open source version of vmix, though I don't remember if it was called vmix or not.  This was several years ago, (probably around the 2010 time frame). I don't know if I ever bookmarked it, but if I did, it's gone now, I checked my bookmarks, and couldnd't find it anywhere.  Also, as mentioned before, vmix is now a video software, so that adds to the complication of hunting for the source urls. I didn't pay much attention at the time other than to go take a look, but when I looked, it wasn't ready for stand-alone use yet, so I forgot about it until this topic came up again.

I'm wondering if vmm386 is the project this became, and that's why that name stuck in my head.  I've not checked the vmm386 documentation to see if that's the case though.

Sorry I don't have more information about it.

On 3/31/2023 6:42 AM, Liam Proven wrote:
On Wed, 29 Mar 2023 at 15:33, <tsie...@softcon.com> wrote:
Yep, sorry, misremembered the name.  It's vmix, and as far as I know,
the last version was 2.67, and you can grab it here:
This is very interesting. Just about lost to history and there are
almost no mentions of it anywhere now.

So if I read your multiple emails correctly, you are saying that it
got made open source in the end? Is that right?

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