>From the release notes:

   - Unicode support for Telnet and IRCjr
   - RLE graphics support in Telnet (fun as a demonstration, but not very
   - The web server gets a built-in SNTP client for keeping the server time
   correct across many days/weeks of runtime.
   - A keyboard handling workaround for VirtualBox users.  (OpenWatcom had
   a run-time bug that interacts poorly with the incomplete BIOS keyboard
   handling in VirtualBox.)
   - Many small bug fixes and improvements, including in the base TCP/IP

Jim & Jerome - As before, please give me a few weeks before mirroring it so
that I can get a rough idea of how many people are downloading it.  I need
some reason to justify all of this work. ;-0

On a side note, unless something huge happens this is going to be the last
update for a while.  I suspect this code will last a few years.

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