Very cool! I've posted a news item about it on the website.

Since this is still alpha (alpha-3) I assume it's too early to mirror
on the FreeDOS Files Archive at Ibiblio, so I haven't copied it there.
Let me know if you'd prefer I make a mirror.


On Tue, Apr 11, 2023 at 12:35 PM <> wrote:
> Have you every watched you DOS machine boot and find yourself saying
> “what was that message?” as it scrolled off the screen?
> Wonder no more.
> I’ve just release the first version of LOGGER for testing.
> It includes a device driver that gets loaded in the FDCONFIG.SYS
> (or CONFIG.SYS) that will record all the messages at boot time. And
> continue logging during normal system usage until it is turned off.
> It also includes a program to VIEW the log (in full color when enabled),
> PRINT it to file for later and various other functions. When logging
> is on during normal system usage, it can even be used to view the
> output of previous commands similar to a “scroll-back” buffer of
> up to 64Mb of XMS memory. That would be roughly 60,000 pages or 30,000
> color pages. (storage of a 80x25 page can range from 50 to 4100 bytes
> depending on the recording mode and contents).
> If you are interested in giving it a whirl, you can find it at:

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