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> Whats The main Diference between freedos and dos.
> Which os The best, dos freedos runs a 486?

As Bryan said, FreeDOS is a more modern version of DOS.

Also, FreeDOS is open source software. Very early versions of MS-DOS
(v1.25 and v2.0, at https://github.com/microsoft/MS-DOS) are available
under an open source license, but these were very primitive versions
of "DOS" that don't have a lot of functionality. For example, MS-DOS
2.0 was the first version to support directories.

You also can't download (legally) a "freeware" copy of MS-DOS, that I
know of (certainly not one that is of much use, such as MS-DOS 5 or
MS-DOS 6.x).

By "more modern," we mean that FreeDOS has more features and includes
more tools than MS-DOS ever did. For example, the FreeDOS distribution
includes apps and tools, including some network utilities. We also
include compilers and assemblers and editors, so you can write your
own DOS apps to run on FreeDOS.

And yes, FreeDOS will run on a '486 CPU.

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