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On Mon, 24 Jul 2023, Daniel Essin via Freedos-user wrote:

I have a box full of PCMCIA ethernet cards. If anyone could use one, I could search them out and post a list.


On 7/24/23 6:13 PM, Ralf Quint via Freedos-user wrote:
 On 7/24/2023 6:06 PM, Karen Lewellen via Freedos-user wrote:
>  Hi folks,
>  Too many layers in the process for me to try the install.
> That and the thinkpad, which is a thinkpad 600x is not in condition for > the work it seems. > I do wonder though if the freedos networking options would have > functioned with the on-board Ethernet structure?
 Does your 600x include an Ethernet port "on-board", AFAIK, they didn't and
 you needed (as it was pre-USB days) an PCMCIA/CardBus adapter and that's
 where the soft  brown matter hits the fast rotating appliance...


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