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Greetings all. I'm new to this list, so I hope to not post anything inappropriate or out of order.

I have an old Dell Optiplex 745 I'm trying to "FreeDos" and am having a couple of issues.

I have yet to get the USB Laser mouse to work properly. It's an iHome FastTrack Laser Mouse - a cheap sucker, but it is comfortable in my hand.
Don't know that mouse, but it seems that this is rather a BIOS/USB port issue of your computer or with that particular mouse. I have one of those (Small form factor, the older one with the rounded edges and silver side cover) and on that one, I used FreeDOS with both corded and wireless Logitech/Dell El cheapo mice just fine

The other issue is PCI sound cards. I have an Aureal Vortex2 and also a Soundblaster Audigy 4. I have fought with all three of these devices for almost two weeks and simply cannot get them to work properly.

PCI is likely a no-go, as those cards used memory addresses above 1MB and/or higher I/O ports and/or IRQ and likely there will no no DOS driver for those, so a Windows/Linux card only, at least the Creative Labs doesn't list even DOS any more, the "lowest"/oldest you can select in Windows 98. Anything I could find about the Aureal card also states strictly Windows only...


PS: I found just what looks like a 3rd party web site that list some apparently DOS drivers at www.philscomputerlab.com/aureal-vortex-2.html, you might wanna try that...
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