I'm making a FreeDOS "2024" calendar, and looking for suggestions of
what screenshots to include in it. Any ideas?

The "2023" calendar came out in January 2023, but that's too late. I'm
planning to share the "2024" calendar in mid to late October so folks
can get a copy for Christmas gifts, or otherwise in time for the New

The calendar has an image for each month. We've always had a
screenshot of a FreeDOS program for each month (EDIT, FDIMPLES, ..).
I'm planning the same for the new calendar, plus a "sidebar" that has
some info about the program in the screenshot (like "The first version
of Edlin was released on... and is a line-based editor...")

Looking for suggestions of what screenshots you think would be great
to have in the calendar.

Also: Any important FreeDOS-related or DOS-related or "classic
PC"-related dates that you think should be marked on the calendar?

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