So this isn't how I planned on announcing it, but hey, I'm back.

> Rob Clark (5):
>       drm/msm: extend the submit ioctl to pass in flags

Renaming 'pipe' to 'flags' would break backwards compatibility - I'm not big
fan of 'pipe' either but I would strongly recommend keeping it just to keep
everybody happy. I know that you bump the API version a couple of changes
later and we could use that as a stop gap but workarounds suck.

>       drm/msm: submit support for in-fences
>       drm/msm: move fence allocation out of msm_gpu_submit()
>       drm/msm: submit support for out-fences
>       drm/msm: bump kernel api version for explicit fencing

You misspelled ioctl in the comment. :)


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