On Mon, Jan 30, 2017 at 1:09 PM, Eric Anholt <e...@anholt.net> wrote:
> Rob Clark <robdcl...@gmail.com> writes:
>> The original way we determined the gpu version was based on downstream
>> bindings from android kernel.  A cleaner way is to get the version from
>> the compatible string.
>> Note that no upstream dtb uses these bindings.  But the code still
>> supports falling back to the legacy bindings (with a warning), so that
>> we are still compatible with the gpu dt node from android device
>> kernels.
> The gpulist[] seems pretty short, like you could just have 7 compatible
> strings in dt_match[] and point them directly at corresponding the
> gpulist[] entry.  Or are there lots of patch levels, with the same
> struct adreno_info values?

The list currently is rather incomplete (which may or may not matter,
I guess it comes down to how many different phones/tablets out there
people try to get an upstream kernel working on).  And it has those
ANY_ID wildcard entries.

A full list of all the gpu's including all their patchlevels would be
quite long.

We might end up wanting to split the quirks out differently, since
those tend to apply to specific patchlevel's.. I had to change the
existing entry for a530 from a530.* to a530.2 for this reason.  But
that won't effect the bindings so that is an implementation detail we
can worry about later.

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