Hi Wladimir,

Thank you very much for the reply.

I am able to build the kernel, drm and mesa components.

After loading the kernel, I am getting following entries,

Can you please let me know what are the test application that be used to test the driver through gsl_kmod interface?

Now to test the driver, I am running kmscube, which is giving exception,
  "@MF@ using DRM kernel interface
   @MF@ fd_device_del refcnt=1
   @MF@ fd_device_del_impl
   @MF@ fd_cleanup_bo_cache devtime=0 time=0 num_buckets=55
   Segmentation fault"

Can freedreno test be used with gsl_kmod interface, I am simultaneously trying build freedreno tests?

I have allocated 9MB of memory to "memchunk" in drivers/mxc/amd-gpu/platform/hal/linux/gsl_hal.c as, dma_alloc_coherent is failing for 72MB


On Monday 07 August 2017 04:59 PM, Wladimir wrote:
I guess that it is failing to find the old kgsl shim drm driver, which
enabled allocation of GEM buffers for pixmaps.  I know Wladimir played
a bit with this on imx5, but I think he was just using gbm/kms and not
x11.  I guess he was using imx-drm for GEM buffer allocation?

Yes, for the a20x stuff I use the old GSL kernel driver
(forward-ported to 4.12, see
This creates a /dev/gsl_kmod, which has an interface different from
the "newer" kgsl.

And a mesa and libdrm that is patched to use this:


This fork of mesa doesn't support X11, only kms/gbm-based rendering.
All of this is very experimental.


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