Hello abhijit,

On Thu, Nov 16, 2017 at 01:02:21PM +0530, abhijit wrote:
> Hi Wladimir,
> Thank you very much for you response.
> I am using the kernel which is provided by you and I was able to
> successfully get the GPU driver on to imx53 based QSRB board.
> I am using the same kernel for imx53 based tx53 board from karo, but I am
> having issue with getting GPU ID
> Interestingly imx53.dtsi is common for both imx53-tx53-x13x.dts and
> imx53-qsrb.dts.
> imx53.dtsi contains DTS entries for GPU and clocks.
> I verified that clock values are same for both qsrb and tx53. Only thing I
> have to verify is if GPU completely powered on. Can you please let me know
> how to ensure this?

Unfortunately I don't know, I've never been involved in that side of board
bringup, I just write (mostly user space) graphics drivers.

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