Theyground the ship occasionally to hunt for new specimens, and thediscipline is lax. There is nothing that we like better than a good fight.
Very well, Tor-dur-bar, it shall be as you wish. And they feel the same way about their vaunted courage and thestrategy of Anatok? I asked the red man in the cage next to me.
He was a gross-appearing man, with a cruel mouth and shiftyeyes. It must be, Janai, for what other civilized man would be cruisingabove this hideous waste? Youmay remain as long as you like, if you will fight against our enemieswhen they come.
That is something that only the sword may decide, I replied. It did not seem likely to me either, but I would not give up hope. Yes, and I suppose you will want to kill me now, he replied; but donot blame me too much.
The royal party was approaching, Jal Had walking a few paces ahead ofthe others. We are the bravest people in the world and our warriors arethe greatest swordsmen.
The women were his wives and their attendants; themen were his counselors.
And be tortured to death by Jal Had when I get back to Amhor? As soon as we are able,we shall continue on our way. She looked upat me, and I saw tears forming in her eyes. He looked at me in ill-disguised repugnance.
We were immediately taken to the upper deck and before the officer incommand.
Besides these weapons, each of themcarried a spear in his right hand.
Our people would never bother you, I said.
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