After a long and rather painful battle with bug reports, revision
systems, and general confusion, I think I have succeeded in bringing
the svn/ directory of freefont up to date with the sources in the
Debian ttf-freefont package.

I have set a CVS symbolic tag in the .svn files, named

The method was: first to bring freefont back to where the split
occurred with Debian.  This involved removal of two commits (including
the above casualty).  Then I applied the patches
as listed in the 'series' file produced by ttf-freefont_20060501cvs-12.diff.

One of the commits un-done was re-done by one of these patches.  I
made a diff of the other, and meant to apply it after.

There has been a casualty.  One patch by Denis Jacquerye, has been
un-done, and although I made a diff,
the patch has failed.  I hope we can soon repair this some other way.
        RCS file: /sources/freefont/freefont/sfd/FreeSans.sfd,v
        revision 1.80
        date: 2006-05-01 14:42:53 +0200;  author: moyogo;  state: Exp;  lines: 
+72 -36;
        replaced U+2134
(I actually took the time to test the patch application on a second
copy, and there it worked.
I don't know why this failed)

With this merge, it should be possible to continue unhindered with
Freefont development.


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