Hi all!

A new release of Gnu FreeFont is imminent.  (Well, in the next few days I hope.)

Below is an excerpt from the Changelog file since the last release.

Please have a quick look at the latest version in CVS for any problems.


Unicode Ranges


Cherokee (Daniel Johnson)
Osmanya (Daniel Johnson)
Unified Canadian Aboriginal Syllabics (Daniel Johnson)
Tifinagh (Daniel Johnson)
Armenian in Serif (Daniel Johnson)
Vai (Daniel Johnson)
Kayah Li (Daniel Johnson)
Coptic (Steve White)
Glagolitic (Steve White)


Tamil from Sans (due to absence of necessary ligatures)


Sinhala is now taken directly from the TeX font 'sinh' by Yannis Haralambous

Armenian (spacing; Aiw to reference Phi on Daniel Johnson's advice)
Vietnamese (better accent placement, esp. in Sans)
Latin (general letter form improvements and clean-ups, numeral 1 and
braces in mono re-designed for distinctness)
Greek (various letter form improvements: made nu distinct from Latin v)
Cyrillic (mark placement, letter forms)
Mahjong Tiles (got rid of a bamboo shoot)
Superscripts and subscripts (standardize placement)
Georgian (added missing letter in Mono, Sans)
Western Musical Symbols (much cleaning up, correcting)
Miscellaneous Symbols (re-design of musical flat symbol)
Hebrew (corrected some vowel marks)


Currency Symbols
Latin Extended-D (Mayanist letters from Daniel Johnson)
Supplemental Arrows-A (completed in Serif)
Arrows (completed in Serif, corrected some switched glyphs)
Combining Diacritics
Spacing Modifier Letters
Letterlike Symbols
Mathematical Symbols
Miscellaneous Technical Symbols
Scan Lines
Geometric Shapes (completed in Sans)
Number Forms (new vulgar fractions; completed in Serif roman)
Combining Diacritical Marks for Symbols

Internatonal Phonetic Alphabet
Phonetic Extensions Supplement (completed in roman)
IPA Extensions (completed in roman bold and oblique)

Cyrillic (Abkhasian letters, yi_yi Ukrainian ligature)
Cyrillic Extended-B
Georgian (completed in Serif)

Gurmukhi    (completed Unicode range)
Gujarati    (completed Unicode range)
Devanagari  (completed Unicode range)
Tamil       (completed Unicode range)

Added full GNU copyright notice to each SFD file.

Reduced cases of nested character references, to
ameliorate a bug in Mac OS 10.6

Various improvements to kerning

Removed TTF Names for sample text

TTF Names tables to give locale-specific names to the
various faces.  Checked each with a native speaker.

Added special characters for TrueType,
   .notdef .null nonmarkingreturn
Corrected the "replacement character"

Added GASP tables for control of hinting/smoothing (anti-aliasing) of TrueType.

PS Blues Values improvements; removed BlueFuzz altogether

Deleted TrueType tables 'cvt', 'fpgm', 'prep' because of FontForge complaints.

Arabic ligatures: turned on "ignore combining marks" on advice of Khaled Hosny.

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