Quoting Steve White ([EMAIL PROTECTED]):

> > - continue the run for Unicode ranges completeness by filling in gaps
> > (that implies finding designed glyphs)
> >
> One guy already wrote me about some glyphs in some Indian ranges.
> Some of them look usable.

If needed, I have many contacts in the India FLOSS community who could
help deciding whether proposed glyphs are suitable or not.

> I am also curious about the hinting.  Many glyphs seem to be
> hand-hinted -- the auto-hint feature of FontForge gives completely
> different results.  And they sometimes turn out to be hinted badly.
> So...what are the guidelines for hinting by hand, or for using the
> auto-hint feature?

As I already said, I have no clue or knowledge wrt that matter, I'm afraid.

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