On Sun, 10 Feb 2008, Steve White wrote:

I am curious though:  How exactly did you find all these little problems?
Did you compare the fonts glyph-by-glyph with another font, or did you
just come by all these issues?

I did it by studying the designs and characteristics of similar fonts. With Windows and Office preloaded on every new computer these days, it is not all that difficult to perform the comparisons. :) I also got a little help from an used font sample book called 'Computer Type: A Designer's Guide to Computer-Generated Type' by Michael Rogondino. It did spent me a few days to inspect each font family with BabelMap.

Also, it would be helpful to get these into the bug system.
If you would like to do that, please do so.

Thanks again!

By the time you read this, the bug report would be posted on the savannah site.

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