A bug was filed recently a about the Cyrillic letter i being too low.
It was indeed, strangely a bit lower than other flat-topped Cyrillic letters.

I assumed this was just a glitch, maybe a slip of the mouse; it is
fixed in the latest release.

However, I revisited Cyrillic recently, and in Serif anyway, found
that this inconsistency happens in many other letters, as though the
range were composed from more than one font.  Indeed this was the
case.  (A quick check of Sans and Mono didn't turn up the same sort of

Also, most of the letters in the Russian alphabet are substantially
taller and heavier than their Latin counterparts, by a good 6%.  Just
enough to be visible at normal text sizes.  That's poor.

Before I launch into a repair by hand, I thought it might be best to
ask the list for advice.

Is there a preferable way to fix this problem?

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