Hi Graeme,

I'm familiar with various issues that arise from attempting to use the
Adobe Glyph List on modern encoded fonts.

My view is, it is simply wrong to try to look up a character by name
in a font that has a standard encoding.  If a standard encoding is
specified, the encoding should be the *only* way characters should be
looked up in the font--that is its purpose.

Before Unicode, the AGL provided a sort of work-around for the absence
of a standard encoding,
but that time is long gone.  The glyph names in a font with a standard
encoding should now be viewed as simply an aid for humans.

So, I would say this FOP is buggy in this regard.

I'm CCing the FreeFont-bugs list for closure on the subject.

Thanks for your input!

On Wed, Mar 2, 2011 at 1:58 PM, Graeme Kidd <coolki...@hotmail.com> wrote:
>> Please keep me posted on what you find.
> It turns out Apache FOP needed the Glyph name in the AFM file to also be the 
> Unicode sequence. So when it came to the Z letter like glyph it couldn't 
> convert "Zbb" to its Unicode value:
> C -1 ; WX 659 ; N Zbb ; B 26 0 608 656 ;
> To get round this issue I simply exported the font again but this time 
> ensuring "Force glyphs names to" was set to "Adobe Glyph List". This then 
> resulted in the Unicode sequence being present in the glyph name:
> C -1 ; WX 659 ; N uni2124 ; B 26 0 608 656 ;
> The font now works as expect in Apache FOP :)
> Thanks again, not just for you help in solving this issue but also for 
> creating a great Unicode font.
> Graeme

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