> > I noticed the U+0251 (LATIN SMALL LETTER ALPHA a.k.a LATIN SMALL
> > LETTER SCRIPT A) is going to be troublesome in Serif fonts. In
> > Freefont Serif it looks like the U+0061 (LATIN SMALL LETTER A) from
> > Serif Italic.
> > The problem arises when trying to add U+0251 to the Italic font.
> I am aware of the problem, but I don't know any elegant solution to it at
> the moment. It is even worse in Sans, where it isn't limited to slanted
> variant.
> A similar situation arises in Sans with the U+0261 LATIN SMALL LETTER
> SCRIPT G, which looks identical like the U+0067 LATIN SMALL LETTER G. In
> Serif, you don't have any such problems in the upright variant, but in
> Italic you have the same as with U+0251.
> It is tempting to blame IPA for choosing typographic variants of existing
> letters for their symbols, but in the end we will have to deal with the
> existing situation.

The U+0067 and U+0261 actually makes sense for fonts where the g
U+0067 has two storey, since the IPA g U+0261must be a script g with a
single storey below the baseline. I don't know why they didn't apply
the same logic to a, by adding the required a so U+0061 wouldn't have
to look like what IPA needs. I guess they didn't consider the usage of
IPA characters in Italic or stylistic fonts. It is a serious problem
for the languages actually using the latin script a U+0251. Maybe a
solution would be to make the script a more like a greek alpha and
keep the italic a U+0061 as it is. I'll try to get more info on the
a12n list on how people actually using U+0251, might use it in Italic.

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