On Mon, 14 Nov 2005, Panayotis Katsaloulis wrote:

> On 11/14/05, Primoz PETERLIN <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > Our free UCS outline fonts are approaching MES-1 compliance, and I believe
> > it is proper to release the fonts in the TrueType/OpenType form on the
> > occasion. If anybody has some work in progress and would like to postpone
> > the release, please let me know. Otherwise, I estimate I will need 2-3
> > days for "quality control" (checking for overlapping outlines etc.).
> There was an issue with greek fixed size small letters with "tonos"
> (accent). The accent was one character before, because there was a change in
> the position of the marks. These days I have a deadline with a paper and I
> can't have a look, but if you can wait a bit I'll try to have a look.

Unlike your paper, we don't have any deadlines with the release, so of 
course we can wait some more days.

I have corrected tonos in Free Mono; now it is not a vertical line any 

Still, I believe some confusion concerning Greek accents, which stems from
the Unicode standard, remains. On the page where combining diacritics are
listed, one learns that U+0301 = accent = oxia = tonos (and similarly for
U+0300 = grave = varia). Yet on the page on basic (i.e. monotonic) Greek,
a separate non-combining tonos (U+0384) looks distinctively different
(steeper) from U+0301 (which looks the same as non-combining acute,
U+00B4). And a little further on, non-combining oxia (U+1FFD) is listed,
looking identical to tonos (U+0384) and of course different from acute.

Probably the correct way in OpenType is by introducing some replacement 
list, where we specify that if combining acute (U+0301) was preceded by 
some Greek letter, it attains the shape of oxia/tonos. I believe Denis has 
done something similar already for dotlessi and dotlessj.

With kind regards, Primoz

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