> On 11/15/05, Primoz PETERLIN <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

>> Unlike your paper, we don't have any deadlines with the release, so of
>> course we can wait some more days.
> On 1st December I'll finish whatever I do with the paper. So I believe
> that
> the days after I'll fix as much as possible the problems reported. So,
> from
> my position, next Saturday I'll commit whatever I have to commit.
> Probably next Sunday could be a good date for the next version of
> freefonts?

Excellent. The fonts in the CVS repository are now MES-1 compliant; on the
way I have also replaced every tonos drawn as a vertical line with a
slanted one, which I believe was issue of several bug reports. I would
appreciate if you can have a look at them, though.

Other than this, I am in contact with some peopla from the Bengali
localization group and if everything goes fine, we will change Bengali
support in FreeSerif and FreeSans with a more complete set of ligatures.

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