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> Excellent. The fonts in the CVS repository are now MES-1 compliant; on the
> way I have also replaced every tonos drawn as a vertical line with a
> slanted one, which I believe was issue of several bug reports. I would
> appreciate if you can have a look at them, though.

I noted another thing too and I forgot to say to the previous email.

The fonts that I downloaded from the CVS are not the ones I lastly
commited. There are a lot of glyphs missing and some glyphs have
changed since then (e.g. in FreeMonoBoldOblique glyphs U+03AC to
U+03B0,  U+03C0 to U+03C9 and a lot of others).
What had happened? Probably the restore was done from a too early
version of the fonts?

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