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Dear colleagues,

I would like to ask you to forward this information about an open MSc
positionat LISAH, INRA, Montpellier  FRANCE  to those, who might be

* Title: **Modelling the role of land use management and landscape design
in soil protection against erosion in Mediterranean catchments.*

*Description : *Our agricultural activities contribute significantly to
loss of soil resources, that are inevitable to
feed the Earth' s growing population. The ongoing climate change causes
increase in the severity
of the rainfalls in many regions. It questions the ability of the land use
management and
landscape design to protect soils against erosion. This MSc project applies
the LANDSOIL model
to ivestigate the soil protection function of different land use scenarios
in two Mediterranean
catchments under different climate conditions, in order to provide
sustainable and climate
proved land use solution.
Previous knowledge of ArcGis, R and modelling is an asset for conducting
the resarch in the
LISAH laboratory in sunny Montpellier in France, under the supervision of
Anna Smetanova. The 6 month intership (in due between January and September
2015) will be further advised by Yves Le Bissonnais and Stéphane Follain
and will be rewarded 430€ netto/month.

 More information you can find in the attachment. The applicant might
consider application via Erasmus network or direct application to the LISAH
laboratory. Please ask them to send their application to
anna.smetan...@supagro.inra.fr, preferably before 24/11/2014, but not later
than 30/11/2014.

 Thank you for your help :=)

Those of you (or of your colleagues) who might be interested in the topic
of:*Potential of traditional and modern agricultural practices for erosion
mitigation under the global change perspective*, i would like to inform,
that convene a session about it at the EGU 2015. You can find all details
here: http://meetingorganizer.copernicus.org/EGU2015/session/17804.

Have a nice weekend and in the case of any questions please contact me.

Yours Sincerly
Anna Smetanová

CONSIDER* SUBMISSION TO EGU 2014 sess*ion Potential of traditional and
modern agricultural practices for erosion mitigation under the global
change perspective

Anna Smetanová
AgreenSkills Post Doc
Laboratoire d'Etude des Interactions entre Sol-Agrosystème-Hydrosystème
Mixed Unit INRA, SupAgro and IRD
*Address:* UMR LISAH, 2 Place Pierre Viala, 34060 Montpellier - cedex 1,
*Email*: anna.smetan...@supagro.inra.fr
*Tel:* +33 (0)4 99 61 23 09

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