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From: Margherita Di Leo <>
Date: 2015-08-19 20:13 GMT+02:00
Subject: Open Geoscience network at OSGeo
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Dear Colleagues,

During the last FOSS4G-EU held in Como there has been a European
Geoscience Union (EGU) Interest Group BoF [1], that has lead to the
proposal to establish a new Open Geoscience Committee[2] within OSGeo.
The motivation behind this decision is the need to connect the growing
community of scientists promoting the open science concept. See also
the agenda that has been discussed [3].
I am pleased to invite you to subscribe to our mailing list at [4] and
looking forward to connecting with you and exchange ideas in the view
of building a network of scientists that share the interest in open
geoscience. Please spread the word among your colleagues! Feel free to
post about this initiative on mailing lists and social networks.

Thank you and best regards,


Dr. Margherita DI LEO

Martin Landa
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