Dear FOSS4G local chapters,

(if I missed any local chapter, please feel free to spread the word also to other European chapters.)

Marc Vloemans, Gert-Jan van der Wejden (both from local dutch chapter), Dirk Frigne (from local chapter Belgium and OSGeo board member) and me-myself-and-I, Till Adams (from german speaking local chapter FOSSGIS e.V.) met end of May after Geospatial World Forum in Rotterdam. We discussed about the potential and the need to have an European local OSGeo chapter, which is not "above" the local chapters and which does not overtake tasks, that are already well covered by, but that overtakes different, special European-related tasks and challenges, that aren't already covered by local chapters or by itself.

Please find our ideas and plans in the OSGeo WIKI [1].

Before sending a formal proposal to the board to ask for recognition for the Local EU chapter, we'd like you to comment on our ideas with the goal to make an even better OSGeo for all of us. Please comment directly on the page in the WIKI, so you can be sure to share your thoughts with everybody.

Because we want to go forward with that soon, please consider on commenting ASAP as we see FOSS4G in Bonn as a good opportunity to establish the local EU chapter.

Hope to see you all in Bonn [2] & with kind regards,


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