Tim Michelsen wrote:
> Hello,
> I am looking for a standard raster format that I can use to store my 
> calulations.
> I am doing some numerical calculations (with IDL or Python) on geodata.
> Currently I use a self-definded raster format storing my data in float 
> arrays using a binary file.
> I would like to shift to a format which can be read quickly with many 
> GIS programs and would be OGC conform at best.


At the risk of self promotion, I would suggest TIFF or GeoTIFF.  It is
reasonably widely supported in the geospatial world and should be
sufficient to represent single or double precision floating point data.

Of course there are lots of packages that don't support it too.

I'm not sure that OGC speaks very directly to file formats (other than GML!)
but certainly GeoTIFF is reasonably widely used in OGC services like WCS.

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