with OpenLayers, I use TileCache -- http://tilecache.org it works nice

John Zastrow píše v Ne 03. 02. 2008 v 21:01 -0500:
> I need to create an attractive set of static tiles for the USA (based on 
> shapefiles) to populate a web-server-only (e.g., small-footprint, not 
> dynamic, not a real map server) online map to embed in a java-based 
> application without internet access.
> My first attempt used ArcGIS to render a GeoTIFF of a layout at high 
> resolution and then passed the image into gdal2tiles.py 
> (http://www.klokan.cz/projects/gdal2tiles/) (which is EXCELLENT) to 
> create a shell OpenLayers app that I can customize. This worked fine, 
> except the image quality from ArcGIS was horrible, particularly when 
> zoomed in (no anti-alias).
> I'm a now trying to use mapnik (mapnik.org) to create the same image at 
> higher quality. But I am suffering deeply from an acute lack of 
> documentation which makes creating the cartography even more painful 
> (where are recipes, examples, and docs for mapnik?)
> Is there something else that I can use to create the tiles needed for 
> the OpenLayers app? Or is there an easier tool for creating a high-res, 
> high-quality georeferenced image that can be used by gdal2tiles.py? Any 
> thoughts would be greatly appreciated.
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