I forgot to send a copy to the list.

Hi Maciej.

The prerequisites are the things you need to install before gvSIG. I
think this is clear.

For us, "with installation prerequisites" = "including all the
prerequisites you need to install" = "you don't need additional software".

Each time a think about it I think you are right.
In any case, as both interpretations are possible, I think we must
change the labels.

Any ideas?


Maciej Sieczka escribió:
> Mario Carrera pisze:
>> thank you for your comments. We're going to change the link to the bin 
>> file.
>> About the second error, the links are correct. The files with 
>> installation prerequisites include Java and some libraries and they are 
>> with more size. Are you refering to it? They are correct.
> Hi Mario
> Hmm. Maybe it's just my lacking English. For me a software package "with 
> installation prerequisites" ("prerequisite" as a noun), is a package 
> that needs other software to run.
> I understood "with installation prerequisites" = "with installation 
> requirements" = "requires additional software". Maybe I got it wrong. 
> Sorry for the fuss then. Could an English speaker please clarify?
> Cheers,
> Maciek
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