The ArcSDE client extension for gvSIG 1.1.1 that allows users to access 
this kind of spatial databases, easily loading geometries by using the 
same interface as the rest of database layers is available. So far this 
extension only allows access to vector layers in the database.

 From the gvSIG project, we would like to sincerely thank the Ministry 
for Sustainable Development and Territorial Planning of the Region of 
Murcia for its dedication to supporting this new extension, 
substantially improving the application for the benefit of all members 
of the gvSIG community.

It is available in the Extensions option from the Downloads section of 
the web page (

Advice: To install this extension you must have correctly installed 
gvSIG 1.1.1 version


Mario Carrera Rodríguez
Grupo SIG-CAD / gvSIG
Asistencia técnica externa
Servicio de Organización e Informática
Conselleria d'Infraestructures i Transport
Generalitat Valenciana
Valencia (España)

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