Mateusz Loskot kirjoitti:
>> It would be interesting if this library could evolve into something 
>> more broadly used by the GTK/GNOME community.
> Yes, as a fan of GNOME environment, I also think that would be nice.

At some point I'll post about this on a relevant list (cairo, gtk, 
gnome,?). That's when I'm more sure about the interface, it's already 
developed much from what it was a week ago. Now it's much more like 
cairo and gtk, with pointers to opaque structs to hide the internals 
from the API and other OO in C type of things.

I wonder what will be the reaction to the dependance on GDAL. I'm 
thinking it might be possible to treat it as one alternative data 
provider. Also, it might be possible, in a similar fashion, to treat 
cairo as one alternative graphics backend, however, that might make less 


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