Dear freegis list,

The 52°North Geoprocessing Community is proud to announce the release of the 
Web Processing Service Version 2.0! This new release contains the following 
changes and extensions:

 *   Sextante ( processes integration: 
the current 52N WPS now provides more than 220 Sextante geoalgorithms 
( as real WPS 
processes. Sextante support can easily be enabled/disabled and does not hinder 
custom developments of individual processes.
 *   GRID support: any existing process or algorithm can be reused and 
distributed in the grid for parallel execution. This release enables the user 
to easily outsource geoprocessing tasks to an external data processing center. 
It fully supports the widely adopted UNICORE 6 grid middleware. In addition, it 
is possible to support other grid middlewares (e.g. Globus Tookit 4). No 
administrative access to the grid infrastrucutre is necessary, only a valid 
certificate for accessing the target system is required.
 *   internal architecture redesign with new flexible bindings of different 
internal datastructures (e.g. Geotools Datamodel)
 *   support for (very large) rasters
 *   new Geotiff parser and generator
 *   improved asychronous datahandling + download of stored files
 *   several bugfixes
 *   extended Tutorial: it guides the user through the process of setting up 
the 52N WPS, creating a new process, as well as executing and exporting the 

The 52N Web Processing Service enables the deployment of geo-processes on the 
web. It features a pluggable architecture for processes and data encodings. The 
implementation is based on the current OpenGIS specification: 05-007r7.

download tutorial here:;filename=WPS_Tutorial.pdf

download binary distribution here:

browse the sources in our svn repository here:

test instances can be invoked here:

more information can be found here:

best regards,

Ann Hitchcock


Dipl.-Geogr. Ann Hitchcock
52°North Initiative for Geospatial Open Source Software GmbH
Martin-Luther-King-Weg 24
48155 Münster

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Amtsgericht Münster HRB 10849

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