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52┬░North developers continue preparation for the upcoming WSC.Web 2.0.1. With 
the release of the 52N Security API 2.0.3, another major improvement has been 
achieved. This release prepares the WSC.Web implementation to support facade 
access restrictions not only based on a single IP address, but also IP address 
ranges and subnet masks - a feature that will be available in the upcoming 
WSC.Web 2.0.1.

The 52N Security 2.0.3 has fixed the following bugs:

 *   Bug 245: Support specification of IP restriction ranges
 *   Bug 241: URLs to protected service are not exchanged properly in service 
 *   Bug 243: Do not use XPath to extract SessionInfo information from XML

Please note that this is just a release of the API modules. The applications 
based on this API -- WAS, WSS, and WSC.Web -- have yet to be updated. A new 
Version - the 52N Security 2.0.4 - will be released shrotly.

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