Hi to everybody,
we announce that gvSIG Mini has been born. gvSIG Mini is a brand-new 
open-source project (GNU/GPL) aimed to cellular phones. gvSIG Mini is a a free 
viewer of free access maps based on tile services (OpenStreetMap, YahooMaps, 
Microsoft Bing, ...), with WMS client, address searching, POIs, routing and 
more features.
We've also built Phone Cache [2], which is a gvSIG extension for generating a 
tile cache, usable in gvSIG Mini for Java in off-line mode. It may be 
downloaded at [3].
gvSIG Mini and Phone Cache have been developed by Prodevelop.
We are pleased to receive your comments, suggestions, contributions,... We are 
open to collaborate with anyone willing to use or modify this project, or work 
in similar ones.
More information at http://www.gvsigmini.org 
Sorry for the "cross-posting"
[1] https://gvsig.org/plugins/downloads
[2] https://confluence.prodevelop.es/display/GVMN/Phone+Cache+Documentation 
[3] https://confluence.prodevelop.es/display/GVMN/Phone+Cache 

Kind regards,
Miguel Montesinos
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