The pycsw team announces the release of pycsw 1.2.0.

The 1.2.0 release brings numerous features and enhancements to the codebase, 

  * OpenSearch support
  * SRU support
  * OGC WMS support
  * JSON output
  * MySQL support
  * ogc:Function support
  * testing framework
  * unified administration utility
  * abstracted core model, allowing for mapping to existing databases
  * configurable GetDomain requests (list or range)
  * geometry transformations to handle multiple coordinate reference systems
  * enhanced csw:ResponseHandler support (email, FTP) for asynchronous 
  * support links in metadata model
  * PYCSW_CONFIG environment variable support

The full list of enhancements and bug fixes is available 

pycsw is an OGC CSW server implementation written in Python.  pycsw implements 
clause 10 (HTTP protocol binding (Catalogue Services for
the Web, CSW)) of the OpenGIS Catalogue Service Implementation Specification, 
version 2.0.2.

pycsw allows for the publishing and discovery of geospatial metadata.  Existing 
repositories of geospatial metadata can be exposed via  OGC:CSW
2.0.2.  pycsw is Open Source, released under an MIT license, and runs on all 
major platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X).

Source and binary downloads:

The source code is available at:

Testers and developers are welcome.

The pycsw developer team.

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