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Homepage:        http://ngwww.ucar.edu/
Version:         5.2.1

New version, previous was 4.2.3. New functions: 'wrf_updraft_helicity' - 
Calculates updraft helicity from WRF model output. Updates to GRIB1/GRIB2 
reader: Added support for reading (NCEP) Climate Forecast System Reanalysis 
(CFSR): 1979-2010 files * Updated ability to read WAFS upper-air forecasts in 
GRIB2 code form.

NCAR Graphics Software is comprised of a library containing
  Fortran/C utilities for drawing contours, maps, vectors,
  streamlines, weather maps, surfaces, histograms, X/Y plots,
  annotations, an ANSI/ISO standard version of GKS, a math library containing a 
collection of 1,2,3-D interpolators and approximators,
  applications for displaying, editing, and manipulating graphical output,
  map databases, many FORTRAN and C examples.

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