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Updated by: michael (2011-01-16 15:13:41)

Homepage:        http://udig.refractions.net/
Version:         1.2.0

New Version, previous was 1.1.1. New features: ImageIO-EXT rendering enabling 
additional raster formats and working with images larger then memory * On 
select platforms MRSID and ECW raster support * Tiled rendering * Support for 
GeoWebCache and TileCache via WMS-C * WFS 1.1.0 support (read-only) * Greatly 
improved ArcSDE support

uDig is a spatial data viewer/editor, with special
emphasis on the OGC standards for internet GIS, the Web
Map Server and Web Feature Server standards.
uDig provides a common Java/Eclipse platform for
building spatial applications with open source components.

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