Hey all, I know this was discussed briefly last month, but it wasn't
clear to me if a fix had been discovered or not.  Maybe we needed to
wait until it happens to be able to effectively troubleshoot...

In any case:

$ freehoo
Loading dictionary [/usr/share/dict/words]... [479625] words
Yahoo ID: xxxx
Logging in as [xxxx] in [Available] mode
Yahoo System Message: This version of Messenger expired on April 2, 2008. 
Please upgrade now to the latest supported version: http://messenger.yahoo.com 
Learn more: http://messenger.yahoo.com/eol
Could not login, most probably performing scheduled maintenance.

This is with libyahoo2 0.7.5 and freehoo 3.5.1.

Normal Yahoo is working fine -- I haven't tried pidgin or other clients


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