I downloaded the freehoo 3.5.2 source from 
http://download.savannah.gnu.org/releases/freehoo/ today (12/15/2008).  I was 
able to download and install the pre-requisites and got freehoo to compile and 
install perfectly, but I found a bit of a problem -- the default connect port 
is 23 for the "pager_port" setting passed to the yahoo_init_with_attributes 
function.  This seemed a bit strange considering the pager port should be 5050 
by default, since this is what the yahoo server that is connected to by default 
(scs.msg.yahoo.com) listens on.  The "error" occurs on line 943 of the 
yahoo-backend.c source file.  Is port 23 really the expected default value?  Is 
there a configuration or runtime option that can be used to set the port 
(doesn't appear so from my quick glance at the code)?

In any case, things work perfectly if you change that line to read

                                         "pager_port", 5050, NULL);

instead of the default

                                         "pager_port", 23, NULL);

Thanks for any help / info back about this.


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