I'm running Freehoo 3.5.3 on Linux. When I tried to run it
for the first time, it reported a message from Yahoo,
"You are using an older version of Yahoo! Messenger that
is no longer supported" and then terminated.

I guess the Yahoo Messenger protocol has been changed
since Freehoo 3.5.3 was released. What would it take to
update Freehoo? I am comfortable with programming various
kinds of protocols so if the changes aren't too great, I might
be able to do it (and I'd be glad to submit patches accordingly).

Thanks for any info. Thanks also for making Freehoo
available, it seems like a great project.


Robert Dodier


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Yahoo System Message: Some versions of Yahoo! Messenger now let users
save conversations in their accounts on Yahoo! servers - like email!
Others can save conversations with you even if you don't. More:
Yahoo System Message: You are using an older version of Yahoo!
Messenger that is no longer supported. Please upgrade by downloading
the newest version by going to:
Could not login, most probably performing scheduled maintenance.
HOO!> [rob...@chromium freehoo-3.5.3]$

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