URL: https://github.com/freeipa/freeipa/pull/812
Title: #812: Refactoring cert-find to use API call directly instead of using

HonzaCholasta commented:
@simo5, it will. Same for hosts.

@felipevolpone, one possible correct fix would be to modify `cert._owners` to:
    def _owners(self):
        for obj_name, pkey_name in [('user', None),
                                    ('host', None),
                                    ('service', 'krbprincipalname')]:
            obj = self.api.Object[obj_name]
            if pkey_name is None:
                pkey = obj.primary_key
                pkey = obj.params[pkey_name]
            yield obj, pkey
and replace all occurences of:
    for owner in (...)._owners():
        ... owner.primary_key ...
    for owner, owner_pkey in (...)._owners():
        ... owner_pkey ...

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