URL: https://github.com/freeipa/freeipa/pull/790
Title: #790: RFC: API for reporting PKINIT status

stlaz commented:
Tested like this:
[4.5R no] -- [4.4M no] -- [4.5R no]
            | UPGRADE |
[4.5R no] -- [4.5M yes] -- [4.5R no]
                | |
[4.5R yes] -- [4.5M yes] -- [4.5R no]
                | |
[4.5R yes] -- [4.5M yes] -- [4.5R yes]
and `pkinit-status` always reported correctly on all server providing the 
For a common Franta user, 0 records are shown which I suppose is OK, even 
though some permission message would probably be better. I guess that's more 
about the framework though, so I am ACKing this.

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