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> On 08/02/2017 01:36 PM, Florence Blanc-Renaud via FreeIPA-devel wrote:
> Hi all,
> The first version of a new design document is available at
> https://www.freeipa.org/page/V4/ClientInstallationWithAnsible
> The feature will allow to deploy IPA clients using Ansible. Please feel free
> to send your comments, suggestions or concerns.
> Thanks,
> Flo

Hi Flo, finally got to responding. In general the design seems good to me.

> Hi!
> Thanks for the design. I'd like to share some thoughts.
> 1. I find it confusing that ipaclient module will just check the domain and
> realm if it is already configured. I can imagine a situation where an admin
> modifies the installargs, re-runs the playbook and expects the changes to be
> applied. Unfortunately, I can't think of a good solution for this. I
> wouldn't expect this behavior as a user of this module. At the very least,
> this should be very well documented.

I would treat it as next step.

> 2a. I think ipaclient role should support at least Fedora, RHEL and Debian.
> Do we know about any distribution specifics besides the different package
> names?

Commands and API are IMO the same. So we might be ok.

> 2b. Since the packages names are different and we have to have
> distro-specific code anyway, is there any advantage to using the `package`
> module instead of `dnf`, `yum` and `apt` modules?
> 3. The ipaclient role state=absent could uninstall the packages by default,
> but provide a variable to override this behavior.

What is the best practice in Ansible modules?

> 4. I'd appreciate to see comprehensive documentation of all the options for
> the modules -- similar to Ansible documentation for modules (e.g. [1]). Some
> options were mentioned in the text and examples, but I'm not sure whether
> the list is exhaustive and an overview of all options would be nice.
> 5. Regarding the minimum version of ipa-client-install: 4.4+ has to be
> supported, as that's the version in current Fedora and also in Debian. It
> might be worth investigating how difficult would it be to support the
> version of ipa-client-install that's in RHEL 6.9. If the complexity is high,
> I wouldn't support it.

There should not be noticible differences in 4.4+.  With RHEL 6.x
(FreeIPA <= 3.2) it might be a different story. Mainly because ipalib
behaves a bit differently. We can try it. If it works then great if
not then we should look at the problem as see if it is worth fixing

> [1] - http://docs.ansible.com/ansible/latest/service_module.html

As a next step. We can leverage the fact that for uninstallation we
can use account with higher privileges then host (standard client
uninstaller can work only with host keytab). This advantage allows us
to solve problems like
  https://pagure.io/freeipa/issue/5676 [RFE] ipa-client-install: need
an option to completely remove client from idm server

e.g. by calling `host-del --update-dns` or other command.

Petr Vobornik
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