On ma, 25 syys 2017, Brian Gribble via FreeIPA-devel wrote:
Good morning,

My name is Brian Gribble and I am a Consultant at Red Hat.  I would like to
contribute to the FreeIPA project by testing and helping with documentation
(wiki edits, etc).  The testing part is self-explanatory but I would like
to know what I need to do to help with wiki edits.

I am following the guidelines from the "Contribute" wiki page.  I hope it's
up to date.

My IRC nick is brian83.
Welcome, Brian.

Any particular area you'd be testing? I'd suggest you to find wiki pages
which are relevant to your testing area and update them. Many design
documents, for example, have outdated command line interface
descriptions -- the actual code was different to what was written in a
design page. So updating some of these would be good to reduce confusion
among users.

/ Alexander Bokovoy
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