Hello all,

I have finished preparations for moving our FreeIPA Planet from the
OpenShift v2 platform (EOL Dec 31st [1]) into the new OpenShift v3
container environment.

Just like with our wiki, the FreeIPA Planet app source code is hosted
openly in FreeIPA GitHub organization [2], including a standard issue
tracker or Pull Requests ability. The proposed version of the new Planet
is running in [3].

The FreeIPA Planet container in OpenShift v3 is set to rebuild
automatically when [2] is updated, to make Planet Configuration easier
even for people not having access to our OpenShift console or to merged
Pull Requests. The Planet container is also set to rebuild every day, to
catch new blog posts.

If there are any major concerns about this migration, let me know. If
not, I will just get DNS "planet.freeipa.org" updated in next days.

[1] https://blog.openshift.com/migrate-to-v3-v2-eol/
[2] https://github.com/freeipa/freeipa-planet
[3] http://freeipa-org-planet-freeipa.b9ad.pro-us-east-1.openshiftapps.com/

Martin Kosek <mko...@redhat.com>
Manager, Software Engineering - Identity Management Team
Red Hat, Inc.
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