On Mon, 2018-01-29 at 14:54 +0100, Tibor Dudlák wrote:


> > > > So given the above we initially decided to make IPA servers also ntp
> > > > servers and configure client to use IPA server as time sources.
> Not configuring NTP service but still requiting it might be way to give
> freedom of choice to IPA administrator to set one they prefer before
> installing IPA. :)

I think this is the worst of the possible outcomes, as now you need to
add one more manual step to the configuration of the system.
The point of ipa-server-install is to simplify installation and
configure everything that is *required* except the Operating System.
Requiring something and not installing it would be a net regression.


> So should we only replace ntpd with chronyd and have option to not
> configure NTP service (chronyd) as it is now if administrator wants to use
> other than chronyd?

This is certainly an option, but we would then require to have code for
both ntpd and chronyd upstream, because some older distros use NTP.
Not that this is too difficult, we already have the platform
absraction, so it is a simply a matter of adding chronyd w/o removing

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