On 02/21/2018 10:25 AM, Pavel Březina via FreeIPA-devel wrote:
>> ​ ​
>> couple of scenarious here:
>> - install server
>>   install it and configure with authselect. there is no --no-sssd option
>> for the server installation
>> - upgrade server
>>   bakup authselect configuration. apply authselect sssd profile
>> overwriting what was there before.
> Why do you call authselect during server update? Shouldn't the system be
> already configured?

In FreeIPA server, we want to make sure that authselect profile is
activated, so that this FreeIPA server's PAM stack receives further
updates in case the authselect profile gets some fixes in. If it still
has the manual PAM configuration via old authconfig, it would not
receive such updates. Is that true?

>> - upgrade client
>>   not applicable. only new binaries are copied onto the system

I would think that we want the same as on the FreeIPA server. I.e. if we
detect that FreeIPA client is configured with SSSD, we switch to a
supported authselect PAM stack and thus receive further updates, without
being stuck with manual authconfig PAM stack.

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