Hi all,

what I found quite useful during work, e.g., on Web UI tests or other
test fixing, is to run a Work-In-Progress version of a patch in a
different-than-official freeipa Git Hub repo to trigger a PR-CI run
(with just few test cases instead of the full load) to get quick

E.g.: https://github.com/pvoborni/freeipa/pulls

It allows testing of an early version of patches without spamming
official repo - here I assume that most people would not be interested
in 2-5 updates of the same PR in one day when it is still not ready
for review.

The problem with this solution is that if everybody would like to use
this method then it would require having own runner for everybody. So
with around 10-17 contributors, it's equal to 1/3 of our runners
(atm). Some of the runners would not be used every day/hour so it
seems like a waste of resources.

The idea here is to solve it(utilize all runners more) by supporting
more than one repo by each PR-CI runner. E.g. the runner would watch
freeipa/freeipa and freeipa/freeipa-sandbox repos. Where the sandbox
would be used just for WIP patches. That way mailing list and official
PR queue won't be spammed by the WIP PRs.

Do you think that something like that would be useful for us? Would
you like to have it?

Petr Vobornik
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