I was going through the article "Implementing FreeIPA in a mixed Environment 
(Windows/Linux) - Step by step" published at 

I stumbled upon some commands and eventually completed setup referring to 
another article.

Over the versions and years, some commands have changed and they need to 
reflect in the article.

Below are the changes needed to the article.
> "# ipa-server-install --setup-bind"
"# ipa-server-install --setup-dns"

> "# ipa-finduser admin"
"# ipa user-show admin"

> "#  ipa-addservice host/bmdata01.example.com"
Here adding from IPA UI was used.
"ipa host-add  --ip-address= test-host.example.com"
This may work, but it failed to create reverse dns entry.

> "#  ipa-getkeytab -s ds.example.com  -p host/bmdata01.example.com -e 
> des-cbc-crc -k krb5.keytab.txt -P"
"#  ipa-getkeytab -s ds.example.com  -p host/bmdata01.example.com -e 
arcfour-hmac -k krb5.keytab.txt -P"
The des-cbc-crc had given me error.

> "C:> ksetup /setmachpassword <password> (the same password you have set in 
> IPA server)"
"ksetup /setcomputerpassword <password> (the same password you have set in IPA 

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