Mohan P N via FreeIPA-devel wrote:
> I was going through the article "Implementing FreeIPA in a mixed Environment 
> (Windows/Linux) - Step by step" published at 
> I stumbled upon some commands and eventually completed setup referring to 
> another article.
> Over the versions and years, some commands have changed and they need to 
> reflect in the article.
> Below are the changes needed to the article.
>> "# ipa-server-install --setup-bind"
> "# ipa-server-install --setup-dns"
>> "# ipa-finduser admin"
> "# ipa user-show admin"
>> "#  ipa-addservice host/"
> Here adding from IPA UI was used.
> "ipa host-add  --ip-address="
> This may work, but it failed to create reverse dns entry.
>> "#  ipa-getkeytab -s  -p host/ -e 
>> des-cbc-crc -k krb5.keytab.txt -P"
> "#  ipa-getkeytab -s  -p host/ -e 
> arcfour-hmac -k krb5.keytab.txt -P"
> The des-cbc-crc had given me error.
>> "C:> ksetup /setmachpassword <password> (the same password you have set in 
>> IPA server)"
> "ksetup /setcomputerpassword <password> (the same password you have set in 
> IPA server)"

Wow. This was written 10 years ago for IPA v1.2 (on Fedora 10). I'm glad
it has stood up over time but I don't think we would recommend this
route today. I'd be more inclined to mark the page as deprecated in some
way or to more clearly mark the version it targeted.

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