this is mostly a message to all kind people who help us to localize
FreeIPA interfaces. Fedora Project decided to switch from Zanata to
Weblate for their translation project. This means we are asked to
migrate from Zanata server too.

As of yesterday, we made the last cut of content from the Zanata server
and I submitted an update to FreeIPA that includes those changes.
Unfortunately, there were updates in the set of strings translated in
FreeIPA itself which made some of the translations invalid and I had to
drop them.

This effort is tracked in https://pagure.io/freeipa/issue/8159
Pull request with translations is at 

Once the pull request accepted, we'll proceed with weblate project
setup. I'll send another notification once that is done. More details on
how to work with Weblate are available in the original description of https://github.com/freeipa/freeipa/pull/4419

The turnaround of updates should improve. Weblate will be automatically
opening a pull request against FreeIPA on github once in a while for a
group of edits accepted by the project. So we should see translations
coming faster to the upstream tree.

/ Alexander Bokovoy
Sr. Principal Software Engineer
Security / Identity Management Engineering
Red Hat Limited, Finland
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